Russ and Frank:

  Keep up the great work! The whole family really enjoys the sauce and with no "bad" ingredients it is just simply the best.


Russ and Frank:

  Wait a minute a company that remembers your previous order actually talks to and tries to help their customers, and wants them to be a long term customer! I don't know guys I think you had better seek out the advice of an economics guru because companies don't do business like that anymore. But it works for a country boy! Thanks its a pleasure doing business with ya!


Russ and Frank:

  I was in Kansas City last week and went to the Smokin Gun BBQ , two days in a row. They had the best baby back ribs and meaty. Then I added the mild sauce, that was good. But when I added the Firey sauce to the mild and plain on the ribs, burnt ends, potatoes, baked beans, oh man , that was the bomb ! I asked the owner if I could get some of both sauces, she said they only sold the mild but sent me to your site. Can't wait to get it home and have a bbq ! Keep up the great sauce. Thanks


Russ and Frank:

  My husband and I tried the "Sassy" Sauce this weekend. It was PERFECT!! Delicious flavor with just a bit of a kick! It even tasted yummy on my SOY HOT DOGS!!! Now that's some good sauce if it can make those things taste good!! Bruce used it on his tri-tip and we also put it on some chicken too. We both loved it. Excellent product!!! Looking forward to the other two.


Russ and Frank:

  Recently, I purchased two jars of your sassy bbq sauce and had occasion to use it for the first time yesterday evening when we grilled chicken. Initially, I coated the bird thoroughly, then brushed it a number of times as it cooked.

  My wife and I simply could not believe the outstanding taste. A full, rich, sweet barbecue flavor together with just the right touch of wonderful zest. It is, by far, the best barbecue sauce we have ever encountered. We cannot wait to enjoy it on other meats and poultry, as well.

  Also, it is great to know that it can be purchased at several locations right here in Ankeny. We should never run out. In addition, we intend to keep some of the mild and the fiery on hand too; for our friends and relatives who have different tastes.

Thanks for a really superlative product.

    Richard Jessen

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